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Nintex Workflow – Parsing XE.com Data UDA

One of the best things about being in IT, is problem solving.  I do enjoy coming up with solutions to problems.  Todays, was around getting Nintex Workflow to parse XE.com data.  If you don’t know what XE.com is, it’s an online currency converter.  Given one currency, it can convert it to any number of other currencies.  Quite handy if you’re planning on […]

Nintex Workflow – List to CSV UDA

This weeks challenge I set myself, was to create a reusable way of converting a SharePoint list of items into a CSV format.  I want to make it reusable, because this is something I’ve talked about with a bunch of people and everyone will have different list structure.  Redesigning a workflow for each list makes no sense. This post explains […]