Nintex acquires K2

What an exciting move by Nintex and K2.  Two powerhouses in the business process automation space, will now be one.  Customers and partners will benefit greatly from this expanded set of tools to help them automate and improve on their processes.

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It’s a very exciting move.  Companies will now have so many options as to what best fits their needs to automate their business.  At the end of the day, Nintex wants to create and deliver best of breed software and an amazing user experience, to help companies automate their manual processes, and improve their business and bottom line.

In the world we are living in now, where lots of people are working remove, with the economy being hit, continuous improvement of the business has become an even hotter topic.  It makes perfect sense for these 2 companies to become 1 and provide the best experience for companies.

Now, companies can get a better feel for their business with Nintex Promapp.  They can generate documents/contracts out of their system of record, via Nintex Drawloop or Document Generation through their workflows.  They can have workflow inside of SharePoint, whether it’s on-prem or online.  They can interact with their other systems via Nintex Workflow Cloud or K2 Nexus, by connecting their disparate online and on-prem systems.  With K2 5, their covered for the on-prem automation. Automation around legacy systems can be accomplished through Nintex RPA.  In the end, whether you’re building process maps, building workflows and forms, you need to understand how that is helping your business and then performing continuous improvement around those processes.  Nintex Analytics is what helps with that.  Get greater visibility in your processes and how you can improve upon them.

The future looks bright in the automation world right now.

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