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Automating a Shadowing Program

Either you have participated in a Shadowing program as you start a new role, implemented that type of program, or at least heard of such a thing. From my experience, shadowing is a crucial part of an onboarding process. You can watch all the videos you like, but unless you see the work done live and you can ask questions, […]

Nintex acquires K2

What an exciting move by Nintex and K2.  Two powerhouses in the business process automation space, will now be one.  Customers and partners will benefit greatly from this expanded set of tools to help them automate and improve on their processes.  < Click here to read more > It’s a very exciting move.  Companies will now have so many options […]

Goodbye SharePoint 2010 Workflows Online

You may have seen this message popup in your SharePoint Online environment. There was a time when a lot of the current SharePoint Online customers, were actually on-prem.  As they started to see the benefits to moving their operations online, they needed a quick migration.  Minimal time and resources, which included, moving across processes.  Some of those process were built out […]