Get Feature Name from ID

I recently found some SharePoint log entries that pointed to a feature but only gave me an ID (guid).  Hunting around, I found the easiest way to figure out what feature it was, was to open SQL Management Studio.  Find the SharePoint database, in my case WSS_Content.  There are 2 tables of interest.



The following SQL queries helped me figure what feature the logs were referring to.

USE WSS_Content

SELECT Features.FeatureId, FeatureTracking.FeatureTitle

 FROM Features, FeatureTracking

 WHERE Features.FeatureId = FeatureTracking.FeatureID;

This will give you all the feature names you have available.

Or I found that given that I had a feature id ‘53164b55-e60f-4bed-b582-a87da32b92f1’, I could simply query the FeatureTracking table directly.

USE WSS_Content

SELECT FeatureId,FeatureTitle

 FROM FeatureTracking

 WHERE FeatureId = ‘53164b55-e60f-4bed-b582-a87da32b92f1’

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