Nintex Forms – Save or Submit

In Nintex Forms, you can have a “Save” button and also a “Save and Submit” button  Have you ever wondered what the difference is?  Well, this post should shed some light on this.


Firstly, the main difference is really visible when it comes to Task forms.  If you have a Nintex Workflow that assigns a task to a user and you use Nintex Forms to customize the form, the Save button will save the task but will not make the workflow progress.  The Save and Submit button will save the task and the workflow will then process it and continue.

When it comes to regular List Forms, the buttons are actually the same, but you can tweak them to act a little differently.

You need to create a new field on your list.  eg. call it Subimtted and make it a number field with a default value of 0.

You can then have a form where you add another button and configure it to be a Save and Submit button.  There are a few more settings that are needed. 

Open the Advanced section in that buttons settings.  Here you need to connect the button to your “Submitted” field.  If you don’t see it there, you’ll need to reopen the form so it refreshes it’s internal list of known fields.

Finally, change the “Value returned” to 1.  This means that when you click on the Save and Submit button, it will set the submitted field to 1.  Where-as if you click on the Save button, it will leave it at 0.

That’s all that is needed from the Forms side.  Now to the workflow side.  Here you will need to configure the workflow to start when and item is created and modified, but based on a Condition.

Hopefully this explains how you can use these types of buttons.  The video above goes into a little more detail.

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