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Nintex Forms – Simple Rule

With the release of build 1.2 of Nintex Forms, we have the introduction of the new Rules Engine.

It adds an extra level of control to your forms that you didn’t have before. Well, you sort of did, using Javascript, but honestly, who wants to write a bunch of JS code when you can everything in a simple user interface.

This post will be about how to utilize the new Rules Engine. It’ll be a simple example that will hopefully get you started with creating more complex rules and making your forms bigger and better.


We have a custom list with a Text field  (title) and a Choice field (country).

The Country can be one of the following : United States, Australia, or Germany.

What we would like to do, is show detailed information on the form, based on the selection of the choice field.


To keep this simple, we’ll put the detailed information into a Panel on the form.

Base Form

The bottom part of the form seen above has a pale yellow Panel control.  Inside it, it has an Image and Rich Text control.

For this example, we will have just this panel with this information regarding Australia. 

What we want to do to, is making this panel visible only if the user selects “Australia” in the choice field.  To do this, we highlight the panel and in the ribbon, click the Add Rule Button:

Add Rule

You’ll see a new control panel appear called “Rules”, and here you’ll be able to click the Add New Rule button to create a new rule.

Add New Rule

We’ll call the rule “Details Panel Visibility”.

For the Condition, we can click on the little button to the right which brings up the Formula Builder.  We insert the “Country” field and we do a “not equals to” which is “!=” and the word “Australia”.  For the formatting, we check the box “Hide”.

What this means, is that we want to change the visibility of this control to “Hidden”, if the Country field is not equal to Australia.

In another way, only show the Panel with Country equals Australia.

New Rule Configuration

We now publish the form, and in our custom list, create a new item:

Fill In Form


This is a very simple rule, and I’m sure in a business scenario, users will define much more complex rules.  But this should give you an idea of how much more powerful Nintex Forms has become with the latest release of version 1.2.

If you haven’t upgraded to v1.2, you should really look into doing this. 

Important Files to Download 

Nintex Forms 2010 : v1.2.0.0

Download the List Template

Download the Simple Rule Nintex Form

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