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This might sound like a plug for another company. But it’s more of something I feel would benefit people out there using Nintex products and they want a better understanding of them. I think this would be especially beneficial to customers who have end users who are new to not only Nintex products such as Nintex Workflow, but who have a limited concept of what workflows are and how the can be used inside SharePoint.

I’ve only heard good things about the training provided by Combined Knowledge in regards to the Nintex product range.

From personal experience, the Nintex product range is fairly straight forward to use. Especially the workflow designer. (maybe that’s because I’ve been playing with it for so long….hmmm… that’s probably the case) But sometimes, when designing workflows, it’s a little hard to put in the designer, what you want in your business solution.

This could be technical or conceptual. Sometimes, what you want to do is just impossible. Sometimes, you’re not quite sure of the best way to do it, because you don’t have a feel for what you have available. I’m talking about Nintex Workflow actions or available web services. Sometimes, what the out-of-the-box provides you is almost what you need, but you need a custom action to fill in that last gap.

Apart from the development part, I’ve looked at the course outline for the Nintex Workflow stream, and I believe it to be a good place to get a better feel for Nintex Workflow.

The Nintex Reporting training stream looks good too. Not only does it cover using the product, but also for the administrators out there, it talks about installation and configuration.

If you want to check this out : Combined Knowledge – Nintex Training

Why would training be a good thing for you or your employees?

Take Nintex Workflow as an example.

If you can get up to speed in a couple of days, on how to enable Nintex Workflow, design, publish and run a workflow, and what actions you have in your arsenal, you will be spending less time debugging your workflows, and more time designing a complete business solution to fit your needs.

My Disclaimer : 🙂 —– I haven’t personally been to this training. I have only heard about it. But I strongly believe that if you are struggling, training is the best remedy.

A training in two days, keeps the headaches away.

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