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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 – Data From Another List

In SharePoint, storing data in a multitude of lists is common practice.  Getting at that data from a workflow process is always important.  There are a number of ways you can do this with Nintex Workflow for Office 365.  The one I focused on here is what I found to be the simplest way.  Using a Set Workflow Variable action to perform a list lookup based on some criteria, to filter down the data return, to one value.

Although the workflow described in the video below is talking about getting a Manager, you can use this concept to get any data from another list.


The workflow itself to show this off is quite simple.

Configuring the Set Workflow Variable action to store data from another list is also quite easy to do.  Just make sure that when you configure the Advanced Lookup to a do a List Lookup, that you click on the Insert reference button.  If you forget to that, the configuration you made will not hold and you’ll need to redo it when you reopen the action.

Are there other ways of getting data from list?

There is an Office 365 Query List action.  You can use this to query for data also.  It really depends on what you want to do.  I feel that it doesn’t get easier than the List Lookup in the Set Workflow Variable action.

If you need multiple fields, you can use a Parallel Branch action and add as many branches as fields you need to get back.  Then have a Set Workflow Variable action in each branch.

Hope this helps.

There are no downloads in this post, since everyones lists will be unique, so sharing a workflow makes no sense here for something this easy.

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