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Nintex Workflow/Forms – Shared Transportation Workflow

I really enjoy building out processes that not many people think of doing, even manually, but having an automated process can really save a company money.  This process came from the fact that many companies are sending a lot of employees to the Worldwide Partner Conference ’15 in Orlando.  Since a lot of the employees from a company will arrive at the airport at similar times, it makes sense for people to share a cab, rather than take individual rides.

This process will let you have a list of events, a list of arrivals for that event and a site workflow that can do the following:

1. take the event you’re interested in

2. the average cost of a cab ride from the airport to the destination

3. Maximum number of people you want to share a cab (usually 3)

4. Maximum wait time you want your employees to wait after their landing.

The video goes through most of this process, but I do want to point out a few things.

We have two lists.  One for events and one for arrivals.  Arrivals is a list of users, what event they are going to and when they are arriving/landing.

The workflow is a Site Workflow which at this stage is run manually. I’ve configured a start form for this workflow, so that you can select the event, end the average cab price for the trip, the max number of passengers in the cab and the maximum number of minutes you want your employees to wait.

The Initiation Form looks like this :

When you fill in this form and submit it, it kicks off a workflow and stores the results in the workflow history:

Notice in the above example, we have 20 people arriving at an airport.  If they took cabs individually at $50 a ride, it’d cost the company $2000.

With this workflow, it groups the individuals and drops it down to 8 cabs which means it costs the company only $800, with a savings of $1200.


This process can definitely be improved.  A State Machine would be great for this workflow.  Also, the over process can be expanded on with notifications to employees about who they will be sharing a ride with and how long they’ll have to wait for others in their group.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please add them to the comments below.


Nintex Workflow 2013

Download the Nintex Workflow Download and import into the Nintex Workflow(Site Workflow) Designer page

Download the Events List Template – Download, unzip and import into the List Templates in your root site

Download the Arrivals List Template – Download, unzip and import into the List Templates in your root site

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