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Nintex Workflow – History List Size Report

This is the first post, post Nintex InspireX.  I was actually quite surprised at how awesome the first InspireX event was last year.  But this one was so much better.  The only thing I would do to make it better, is make it an extra day.  I felt like I had no time to breathe, meeting with so many people and presenting.  It was quite amazing and it was fantastic to see so many customers, partners, colleagues, all in one place.  Thanks everyone who attended.

One of the discussions I had, was with a customer talking about how their Nintex Workflow History list grew quickly and they needed to know when they needed to do maintenance.  So I decided, since you have so many sites and therefore history lists, I would create a workflow that would build up a report for me that showed me that information.

The whole concept around this, is that it uses the SharePoint web services, like Web.asmx and ListData.svc, to get the data we need.

As long as we can call those, then we will have the data in Collection variables, and then pass that to a Word document, using the Document Generation action.  The result, a nice PDF with the data we need.


There are some limitations with this workflow.

1.  It missed the root site and also doesn’t work recursively, going down each of the subsites within subsites. Eg.  Above I have a Development site.  But I have subsites in that that I’m missing.

2.  The workflow also doesn’t look for any custom history lists that you may have created.

But I hope this gives you an idea of what could be done to get a report that helps your team maintain a health SharePoint/Nintex environment.


Nintex Workflow

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