Office Plants

Although I have decent size yard with a big vegetable garden that my wife and I try to maintain and grow organic vegies, I though it would be fun to start growing some things in my office.  I get a lot of sunlight, especially in the morning.  So I started by planting some seeds for tomatoes and they grew.  So then I tried a few other plants.  Next thing I know, I’m actually eating things that I have grown in my office.

Here is a list of the plants that are growing at the moment.

Black radish 8
Cucumber 6
Spring onion 6
Kohlrabi 6
Snap peas 12
Capsicum 13
Sunflower 2
Dill 1
Tomato 5
Cactus 1
Lettuce 5
Eggplant 3
Midget watermelon 1
Bush beans 7
Blah plant 1

Some I recently planted the seeds and they are starting to grow.  I’m excited about trying to grow peas and beans.  I just want to see how tall I can get them to grow haha.

Here are some photos.

Desk from Ikea that is holding all the pots and the plants I have growing.

The empty grey pots have seeds in them with peas, kohlrabi, beans, cucumbers and something else I can’t remember. 

Possibly onions.  When they grow big enough, they’ll go outside.

Basil which will also go outside soon.  Supposedly it keeps away certain bugs from tomato plants.

In front of the basil are some flower plants my wife wanted to try growing inside.  I think they are called Fire Crackers.

This is my dill plant.  Like everything else, it was grown from a seed in my office and it has gone crazy.

My favorite plants.  Eggplants.  They have 4 blossums on them now and fingers crossed will bear fruit.

So far the most usable of the vegies.  Romaine (Cos) lettuce.

This is a midget watermelon.  It has some flowers on it, but I don’t have much faith that fruit will appear.  It’s just fun to grow.

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