Day One of Microsoft Inspire 2017

Day One of Microsoft Inspire 2017 is a done deal.  It was great to catch up with the folks at Nintex that span all the the office’s.  Faces, in some cases, I haven’t seen in years.  But what really surprised me, was someone I saw that I haven’t seen in around 10 years.  I started at Nintex in the Melbourne office when we were part of a consulting company named OBS.  Shortly after, I moved to the states.  It was a nice surprise to catch up with someone those those days (blast from the past).

What is really interesting, is that even walking the streets of DC, with the 15,000+ attendees of MSInspire and all the usual residents of DC, I’m still bumping into people I knew from Australia, or people I worked with years ago.  It definitely is a small world.

On a more technical note, Day One was very successful for the Nintex team.  We were able to unveil our new, bright booth 1501.  You can’t miss it if you go to the expo hall at the Convention Center.  We have Nintex for SharePoint On-prem, Nintex for Office 365, Nintex Workflow Cloud, Document Generation and even IoT connectivity being showcased for all to see.  If you’re interested in learning more about what we’ve been working on, what’s available and how we can either extend our partnership, or create a partnership, come by the booth.  There is a large contingent of Nintex people here, from technical, sales, marketing and management.  Whatever your needs are, we have someone to help you out and building a strong partnership to make everyone successful.

We’ve had a fantastic start to Microsoft Inspire 2017.  Today is going to be more exciting.

I’ll be at the Nintex booth from 10am.  Come by and lets discuss what we can do together to provide solutions to customers, so that it saves them time, money and drives their business into the future.

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