Day Two of Microsoft Inspire 2017

Well, Day Two of Inspire is done.  It was a busy time at the booth with a lot of interest in how Nintex does business with our current channel and how we can work with potential partner.  The interesting thing about this Inspire compared to WPC of the past, is that  we are starting to see a lot more interest in non-Microsoft technology.  You might think that is kind of funny given that this is a Microsoft conference.  But some of exciting topics of discussion have been around IoT, Machine Learning, Bots, Object Character Recognition and then overall UX and Design.

It seems that with all the buzz these days around emerging technologies, this has penetrated into the Microsoft world and we are no longer just talking about SharePoint, Server, Exchange etc.

As with conference of previous years, the first days tends to be around people who are interested in what Nintex does and they are sending out feelers to get an idea for now.  Day One was brief and Day Two (Monday) are over.  Day Three is going to be about extending those conversations as we start really building on those relationships and enhance what we can do with these companies.  Partnerships isn’t about money.  A lot of people are genuinely in these business to improve the lives of their customers and enhance the business experience. 

I’m looking forward to Day Three where we can start to see what we can do together for our customers.

Come by booth 1501… the bright and shiny orange booth and we’d more than happy to talk shop.

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