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Nintex Forms – TPS Report

Noone wants to get stuck with working late because Lumbergh finds that you didn’t add a cover sheet to your TPS Report.

Well, in comes Nintex Forms to the rescue.  You can have a form the Initech employees can fill in for their cover sheet. 

Once you have a simple list for your TPS Reports, building the form for it is quite easy.  When you click the Nintex Forms button in the ribbon, it will build out all the controls for you.

Then we add a logo to the top.  In this case, it’s for our Initech company (This makes Lumbergh happy) :


Now all we have to do is re-align the controls where we want them, so that it looks like our normal TPS form we usually fill in by hand and waste trees.

Finally, we need to tweak some CSS so that we don’t have the Nintex color scheme, but we use Lumberghs favorite color (white) as the background.

CSS Updates

In the Form Settings, go to Custom CSS.

Here, we add a new CSS class :

  background-color: #ffffff;

We then make sure all out controls use this instead of the nf-form-input.  This gives all the controls a white background.

The forms ends up looking like this :

TPS Form


In total, this form took about 30 mins to make, from the creation of the SharePoint list with all the fields, to the logo, control alignment and CSS updates.

After working on this form and making it available to your emplyees, you want your Lumbergh to look like this :

Happy Lumbergh

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the image above.


 Form Design: Download Form Design

 SharePoint List Template: Download List Template

 Initech Logo: Download Logo – I keep this in a document library called MyImages

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