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Nintex Workflow – Customizing a User Defined Action Icon

Nintex Workflow User Defined Actions have 3 icons that a user can see.

If you don’t know what a User Defined Action is, take a look here: What is a User Defined Action

Normal Icon – 49×49 pixelsNormal Icon
Warning Icon – 49×49 pixels Warning Icon
Toolbar Icon – 30×30 pixels Toolbox Icon

When you design a User Defined Action, by default it will get the icons above.  If you design multiple UDAs, they’ll all have the same icon.  If you then use these UDAs throughout a workflow, your workflow will look like it has a bunch of actions that are all the same, when in fact they aren’t.

Customizing the Icon for your UDA is an option.  It will make your action stand out in the workflow, and in 6 months time, when you have to update your workflow, you’ll know exactly what it’s doing.

Simple User Defined Action

We create a simple UDA to add two numbers togethers and store the result.  The icons I want to use are the following:

Normal Icon – 49×49 pixelsNormal Icon
Warning Icon – 49×49 pixelsWarning Icon
Toolbar Icon – 30×30 pixelsToolbox Icon

 To use these images in a UDA, we stored them in a Document Library :

MyImages Document Library

We can use the urls in the configuration settings of the UDA.

Open the UDA to edit it and in the ribbon, click on the UDA Settings:

UDA Settings Button

Then in the configuration, you can specifiy the urls to the icons:

UDA Settings

Just paste in the URLs to your icons from your document library.

Now open a Workflow Designer page, click on the User Defined Action group of actions, you UDA will appear there and if you drag it onto the workflow, you’lll see the following :

UDA in a Workflow


You can see that will a little work on creating some icons and adding them to a document library, you can now customize your User Defined Actions in such a way that when users will use your action, it will make it that much easier for them.

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