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Nintex – PowerShell SharePoint Commands

Here are some commonly requested Nintex related PowerShell commands.

Find all the Nintex features, their Guids and Scope, order by Scope.

Get-SPFeature | where{$_.DisplayName -like “Nintex*”} | sort -Property Scope

Find all the Nintex features, order by DisyplayName.

Get-SPFeature | where{$_.DisplayName -like “Nintex*”} | sort -Property DisplayName

Find a specific Nintex feature (eg. NintexWorkflowAdmin)

Get-SPFeature | where{$_.DisplayName -eq “NintexWorkflowAdmin”}

Activate the Nintex Workflow administration feature, if the Nintex Workflow Management section is missing from Central Administration.

Enable-SPFeature –identity “NintexWorkflowAdmin” -URL http://<centraladmin>:<port>

Overtime, I’ll add more that I use or come across.

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