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Nintex Workflow Cloud – Starting a Workflow using C# and sending a File

It’s one thing to have your workflow start off of events from other systems, like Safesforce, Box, Twilio, a Form or a Schedule.  But if you have something custom that is built or being built for you, you can have that custom application instantiate a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud.  In the video above, I talk about how I put together some C# code that uploads files to NWC and that starts an instance of a workflow.

There’s no reason that this needs to be C#.  You could use whatever programming language you want.  Since an NWC Component Workflow has a REST endpoint, anything that has web access, can make a HTTP POST to it.

This opens up a variety of scenarios where you can instantiate workflows from systems you never even thought of.

Below, is an export of the workflow (workflow key) and a zip file of the source code.  Hopefully this opens your mind to more possibilities.


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Nintex Workflow Cloud – NWC External Start Workflow – 16dc177cd1e247659a105f7a87e585c8

Visual Studio Project C# – Download

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