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Nintex Workflow – Get Date with No Time UDA

A Brazilian friend of mine reached out to me, where she had a DateTime field on a list that was configured to only be a Date.  But when trying to compare the current date in the workflow to the value in the field, it would never match.  That makes sense, because Nintex treats the current date or actually, the created date, as a datetime object and contains the time component.

There are a few posts out there about how to empty out the time part. Or to be more accurate, set the time component to 12:00 AM.

After reading those posts and tinkering, I wrapped it up into a UDA.  It could be handy, so I’m sharing it here.  It’s only made up of two actions, but in a UDA, it means you’ll only need to use one action and you don’t have to worry about regular expressions etc.

The User Defined Action takes two parameters.  An Input DateTime parameters and an output DateTime parameters.  The Input will have a date and a time and output will also have a date and time, but the time will be set to 12:00 AM.

The UDA is quite small.  It only has two actions.  But it still makes it easier to use one action, that two and one is a regular expression that can be confusing.

The Regular Expression basically converts the datetime into text and removes the time component (storing the results in a text variable).

The Calculate a Date action takes text and converts it back into a DateTime parameter.


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