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Nintex Workflow – What Workflow Was Running

Speaking with a few people recently, there came about the question of knowing what Nintex Workflows were running at a particular point in time, or still running for that matter.

To the bat-cave Robin!!! I mean, to SQL Management Studio.

Tinkering around with the Nintex Workflow database, I whipped up a SQL query that I believe helped me answer the question.

SELECT DISTINCT tblResult.WorkflowName
	SELECT WI.InstanceID, 
	       MIN(WP.TimeStamp) as 'StartWork', 
	       MAX(WP.TimeStamp) as 'EndWork'
	FROM WorkflowInstance WI
	INNER JOIN WorkflowProgress WP
	ON WI.InstanceID=WP.InstanceID
	GROUP BY WI.InstanceID, WI.WorkflowName
) as tblResult
WHERE tblResult.StartWork <= '2012-10-11 21:47:40.693' AND
      tblResult.EndWork >= '2012-10-11 21:47:40.693'

You simply need to place the date/times with what you need and you should get a bunch of distinct workflow names that were running during that time period.

It will also show workflows that are still considered running, which was a bonus, as I didn’t have to build more logic into that SQL query.

I’ll admit, I haven’t perform a million tests on this query.  But I did compare the results to workflow instances I saw in SharePoint and I did start some workflows to see if they appeared, and they did.

NOTE: This doesn’t tell you each instance of a workflow that ran.  It gives you a unique list of workflow names that were running.

The below image shows a SharePoint list where I have 2 items with long running workflows.


With the script above, I would get 1 result, because it returns a unique list of workflow names that were running at a particular time:

Distinct Query

If you want to see a non-distinct list of workflow names, remove the DISTINCT keyword from the query.

Non Distinct Query

Hopefully this is handy to some of you.

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