Nintex Workflow – Enable the Nintex Workflow Feature on all Subsites

I recently encountered a question about how to automatically enable the Nintex Workflow Site Feature on all the subsites under a root site in a Site Collection.  This isn’t the first time it has been asked of me, so I thought I’d create a simple PowerShell script to do it.

It’s not complex.  It just recursively goes through all the sites under a particular site.

$web = get-spweb http://ntx-vadim3

function EnableNintexWorkflowSiteFeature( $w )
    $ws = $w.Webs;
    foreach( $subweb in $ws)
    echo 'Enabling Nintex Workflow on site : ' $w.Url
    Enable-SPFeature NintexWorkflowWeb -url $w.Url

echo 'Enabling Nintex Workflow on site : ' + $web.Url
EnableNintexWorkflowSiteFeature $web


The PowerShell script currently needs to be updated, since I’ve hardcoded the url.  But it’s easily updated to run on your site.  You could also make it take a parameter but I haven’t done so here, since I’m writing this at 1am.

Open the SharePoint Management Shell.

Navigate to the folder where you put the script.

Run it like this:


It should be an easy update if you want to disable the site feature.


Nintex Workflow 2010 : v2.3.5.0

Download the Enable Nintex Workflow on all Subsites PowerShell Script

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