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Nintex – Travel Request Scenario

I wanted to take a stab at a different type of post today.  Most of my posts are around how to solve specific problems  or how to achieve a particular piece of workflow logic in a reusable fashion. Todays post actually takes a number of my previous posts and puts them together, showing you how it’s possible to build out […]

Nintex Workflow – Updating an Excel Spreadsheet UDA

SharePoint 2013 (Enterprise edition) comes with Excel Services.  One of the lesser known pieces of functionality, is the Excel Services web service.  More information on it can be found here : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ms494732(v=office.14).aspx  Since this is an ASMX web service, it can be called from Nintex Workflow using the Call Web Service action.  This web service behaves a little differently to […]

Nintex Workflow – Empty Date

The question of Empty Date fields in SharePoint and how to use them in Nintex Workflow seems to come up often.  It’s something I probably should have posted about before, but it kept slipping my mind. Today, I got asked by a user if i could write something about it, since it has the potential of generating headaches for many people. […]