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Nintex Workflow Cloud – Salesforce Management Approval Chain Workflow

This is another type of workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud that you could utilize, in order to build out an approval process, that goes up the chain of management.  The location of the “Manager” would be from the system you’re working with.  In this case, it’s Salesforce.  But there’s no reason this couldn’t be Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Downloads Nintex Workflow […]

Nintex Workflow Cloud – Salesforce Accounts Created in the Last Week

This is another way of thinking about a workflow, in Nintex Workflow Cloud, that may help automate your business. The idea behind this workflow is that it is a weekly scheduled workflow.  Each week it will look for accounts created in the last week in Salesforce.  Although the workflow here talks to Salesforce, there’s no reason it can’t talk to […]