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Nintex Workflow – PowerShell Find Actions in a Workflow Part 6

A new addition to the PowerShell script for Nintex Workflow that I’ve been working on, so that you can get a report of the total number of actions in a workflow and also how many times each type of action is used. The usage is quite simple:  .\AllWorkflows.ps1 -nwoperation FindActionsInWorkflow -nwlogin domain\username -nwpassword password -nwworkflow “workflowname” This script needs to live […]

Nintex Workflow – PowerShell Find Workflows with Verbose Logging Enabled Part 5

This is Part 5 from the previous post on PowerShell Find Workflows that contain a Specific Action Part 4. Added a new operation that looks in all the workflows to find those that have Verbose Logging enabled. Operation is : FindVerboseLogging Changes to the PowerShell Script The way to export and publish a workflow is via a web service call to the […]