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Nintex Workflow – PowerShell Find Actions in a Workflow Part 6

A new addition to the PowerShell script for Nintex Workflow that I’ve been working on, so that you can get a report of the total number of actions in a workflow and also how many times each type of action is used.

The usage is quite simple:

 .\AllWorkflows.ps1 -nwoperation FindActionsInWorkflow -nwlogin domain\username -nwpassword password -nwworkflow “workflowname”

This script needs to live in c:\Program Files\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2010 as it uses the NWAdmin command line tool find the located of the above workflow.

When you run this, you’ll have output that looks like this :

It be interesting to see how many of the actions availabe in the workflow designer are actually being used in your workflows, or do you limit yourself to a handful of actions?  If you don’t use a majority of them, it may be worth spending some time on those actions to get a better feel for them and be able to build more complex business processes.


This only works on published workflows as that is what NWAdmin -o FindWorkflows finds.  This will not find Saved workflows.


Nintex Workflow 2010 : v2.3.9.0

Download the AllWorkflows PowerShell script

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