Day Three of Microsoft Inspire 2017

Day 3 has come to an end.  It was yet another exciting day.  Lots of great conversations but I found it interesting that today we had a lot of people come up from companies in Central and South America.  It was great conversations and they have some exciting opportunities that make sense for both process automation and business intelligence.   Now it’s just a matter of spending some time with these companies to see what makes the most sense to provide solutions to customers that will improve their business.

IoT came up again today since we have a refrigerator at the Nintex booth (Booth 1501) and there are wires coming from it.  Lots of people walked by and had to stop and ask what that was all about.  There are sensors connected to it, via two arduino devices.  One of the sensors is a Pressure sensor, so that it can tell when a can of soft drink is taken from a shelf and a workflow starts in Nintex Workflow Cloud to potentially notify that restocking is required.  The second sensor is a door sensor.  Also to start a workflow around keeping track of when the door is opened and closed.  We then have our analytics tool, Nintex Hawkeye should business intelligence around the data that is captured.

This led to conversations around what IoT focussed companies can do with Nintex Workflow Cloud, what data can be captured and how to get workflows to automate the processes around certain thresholds that are broken.  Does it get anymore exciting than that??

Hope to see you at the event on Day 4.  Come by the booth and lets see what we can do together to benefit our customers.

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