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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 – Store

If you haven’t seen Nintex Workflow for Office 365, you should definitely check it out.  There’s a number of features that are very impressive.  One that stands out when you start using it, is this button on the ribbon called “Store”.

Store Button

What is the Store?

In a nutshell, the Store will expose new actions that will be available in the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 product.

If you’re after some functionality that you don’t see out of the cloud (box?), check the store.  There may already be actions that do that.  It’s something Nintex will be updating with new action sets all the time.

If you’ve used Nintex Workflow on-premise before, you’ll be familiar with most of these actions as they are available through Nintex Live.  There will be some actions here that are available on-premise and some that aren’t.  You’ll probably also see that there are some actions in the on-premise version that aren’t available in the Office 365 version.  That is most likely because they are just not valid for a cloud environment.

What Action Sets are available?

Action Sets

You can see that there a number of action sets that are available to you.  Think of these are actions that wrap externally exposed APIs.  You will be able to talk to some third party products out there like Twitter, Facebook, Box, WordPress etc.

How do I add an Action Set?

Simply click on one of the action sets and you’ll be provided with information on what is including in the action set and an Add button.  As an example, we’ll click on the Twitter action set.  You end up seeing the following:

Twitter Add

At the bottom of that information, you’ll see all the actions in that action set.  There can be any number of actions in there.  For this example, the Twitter action set comes with 2 actions.  Twitter search and Twitter tweet.

Click on that Add button and you’ll get a confirmation popup :

Confirmation Add

When you click on Yes, you’ll now see that all the actions in that action set appear as “Subscribed”:


When you click on Close, a few seconds later you’ll see a new category, this one is “Social” which would have seen in the Action Set information window.  Inside that category, we now have our 2 Twitter actions.

Actions in the Toolset

Do the Store actions differ from out-of-the-box actions?

These actiosn appear in the designer as draggable actions, just like all the other actions.  You configure them, drag them, copy and paste them and delete them.


It’s going to be exciting to get in to the nuts and bolts off all the available actions and see what other actions and action sets will become available in the future by Nintex.

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