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Nintex Reporting – Audit Report Menu action

If you navigate to your Site Settings pages, and click on Site Features, you’ll notice there are usually 2 Nintex Reporting related site features.
1. Nintex Reporting 2008 Team Site Reporting
2. Nintex Reporting 2008 audit report menu action

The second tends to be forgotten, but it’s actually quite a handy option to have. Once you enable this feature, you can quite easily check the audit history for specific items in your document libraries. When you navigate to your Document Library, simply click on one of the documents to see the drop down menu, and you will now have a “View Audit Report” option.

Clicking on this menu option, will pop up a window (make sure you enable popups for this site),

this part shouldn’t take that long, and then you’ll see your report :

This will tell you when the document was accessed, by whom, and what type of action it was (this can include such actions as View, Update, Delete). This is a very handy ability to have, especially when it comes to having a document that has changed, and you don’t know why. This allows you to see who changed, so that you can discuss it with them. This could also let you know that someone accessed the document but really shouldn’t be allowed to, so you can start looking into your permissions for this document or library.

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