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Nintex Workflow Cloud – Looping

One of the exciting updates to Nintex Workflow Cloud recently, is the support for complex objects.  To make things easier to deal with those objects, Nintex put in a few smarts, and that has resulted in a few cool features that other actions inherit.  In this case, it’s the Loop for Each action.

Where as in the pass, when you had a collection and wanted to iterate through each value, you’d be looking at creating 2 variables.  An Index variable and another variable to store the data through each iteration.  With Nintex Workflow Cloud, it now creates the variables for you, in it’s own container, the name of the action.  

So if you have a loop action called “Loop for Each”, you’ll have an object called “Loop for Each”, and in that, you’ll have an Index and a Current Item variable.  That’s really cool.  Saves me a bunch of time.  But of course, I wanted ot know, what happens if you inevitably have multiple Loop for Each actions in your workflow??  Well, that makes it a little harder, since you’ll have multiple actions appear with the same name.  Which one do you use?

This is actually why I really like this feature.  In order to make this easier, rename your action.  Click on the action and then click again, and you’ll be able to rename it.  Don’t just leave it as Loop for Each.  Call it something a little more descriptive, like “Loop through Accounts”.

Check out the video below, where I show you how to do that.  I’m loving this feature, because I’ve been pushing for users to rename actions and document their workflows for years.  This will help this effort.

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