Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA – Processing Filtered Excel Data

I’m all about making this faster and finding different ways to accomplish tasks.  In this case, I had a need to process data in a spreadsheet.  I also wanted to check a flag when the process was completed.  In some cases, the process wouldn’t be completed, so I needed to leave the flag as is.  As my list of data to process can get quite large, I didn’t want to my botflow to have to process the same data, even if it’s already processed it.  Also, if even if didn’t do the work, the actions that it takes to go through the spreadsheet, were unnecessary, if it’s already been done.

The video below, shows you how to do it the long way, then how to use Filtering in Excel, and only parse through the filtered data in the spreadsheet, and finally, to refresh the filter.

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