Nintex Workflow – URL Encoding User Defined Action

After many moons, I finally decided to sit down and automate some work that I regulary did manually.  One of the steps required a url to be encoded so I could post it to another site.

There’s no action in Nintex Workflow to encode a url this way, so the option was to either develop a custom action, inline function, or design a User Defined Action.

I chose to make a User Defined Action as the encoding I needed was quite simple.  A simple character replacement.

For those interested, w3schools has a good page on what characters need to be encoded :

As I know my urls are only going to have colons ‘:’ and forward slashes ‘/’, that’s all my UDA is catering for.  So the UDA only contains a Build String action.  But I can see in the future that I will be adding to this UDA, which why I decided to make this functionality into a UDA, rather than just using a simple Build String action in each workflow I design.

The parameters this UDA takes, is one input and one output.  Fairly self explanatory right?

UDA Parameters

The UDA contains a single action, and that is the Build String action. The Build String action uses an inline function called fn-Replace, to replace each character with the associated encoded version.  As I mentioned, this only handles colons and forward slashes, but you can add more.

Build String

Ideally, I would handle every character, but for now, this suffices my needs.  If you need to handle other characters, simply add fn-Replace function call to the Build String action.


Input :

Output :


 Nintex Workflow 2010 – v2.3.9.0

 URL Encode UDA – Download

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