Nintex Workflow Cloud


California based company, ServiceNow has had some exciting growth over the years.  Recently, Nintex customers reached out and requested that they be able to build workflows that can communicate to ServiceNow, from the Nintex platform.

A couple of weeks ago, the request was answered, as Nintex released our ServiceNow connector.  Coming from a tech background, the way it was created is something that I really like.  Nintex focussed on created the CRUD type actions.  Create, Update, Delete, Retrieve and Query.  With these simple actions, you can do what you need in regards to building your workflow that will communicate to ServiceNow.

For those that have read other posts of mine, you know I like reusability.    Let’s say you want to create a record in ServiceNow, but first you need to query data from ServiceNow, parse that data, and then create your new record.  If that is something you’ll do frequently, you can wrap all that logic… all those ServiceNow and parsing actions into a Component Workflow.  That way, it makes it easier for your call this workflow to do the work, than to redesign that in every workflow you need it in.  Make sure you name the component workflow something that makes sense.  For example – Create Special ServiceNow Record :).

My next step is get a trial environment of ServiceNow and play around with it.  I’m always interested in learning new tech.

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